A weekend of videogame culture that happened at the National Film Theatre in July, 2005. This was the first *cough* major event that I directed around this field and pretty much set the scene for the GameCity project which followed.

Peter Molyneux, Jonathan Smith, Bill Van Buren, Jamie Fristrom, Ian Livingstone and others gathered for a couple of days and talked about videogames to an enthusiastic, if small audience (London was hit by the 7/7 bombings three days before the event…)

There wasn’t a whole lot of coverage…

Alice Taylor covered some of the event here

Jon Jordan was there for Gamasutra

and Alex Ashby did a few stories for Idle Thumbs

*Nostalgic Toys, Ideal

*Notes on theatrical Imitation

and finally, *No Tactful Introductions


*Non-Trivial Interaction