Inside Game Design

Inside Game Design is a collection of candid interviews with a group of *really* interesting, creative people – all of whom happen to be game designers.

The book features:

Bizarre Creations,Paul Carruthers, Free Radical, Freestyle, Frontier, Gastronaut Studios, Harmonix, Introversion, Media Molecule, Nabi Studios, Relentless, Takahashi, Torpex, Valve and a splendidly opinionated afterword from the brilliant Lorne Lanning.



“Despite being the fastest growing form of popular culture ever, videogames are seldom engaged with as a serious media form. “Inside Game Design” remedies this by offering a unique insight into the leading designers in the world today, examining, in a series of in-depth interviews, their influences and the processes that translate their vision into functioning game.Including industry legends such as David Braben and Lorne Lanning and new entrants to the field like Relentless and Keita Takahashi, the interviews contain candid opinions and practical advice for students about how to enter the industry. Full of colour artwork, the book includes process sketches from the production period, shots from the finished games themselves (character and environmental), studio photographs and marketing artwork. There is a detailed glossary, bibliography and index.”



As part of the promotion for the book, I did a series of talks with various special guests. Here’s a pdf of the presentation from the ICA gig with Media Molecule. Apologies for the file size, but the interesting stuff is really in the detail of the images….

Inside Game Design(ers)_ICA (12mb)



Spong said some nice things…

“Rattle off a list of your top five favourite game designers of all time and there is a very good chance that they are profiled in full, glossy glory in Inside Game Design (pictured) – a beautifully designed new book compiled by Iain Simons, creative director of Nottingham’s GameCity Festival. Inside Game Design profiles and interviews 20 top designers including, amongst others, Lorne Lanning, Keita Takahashi, Free Radical Design, David Braben, Bizarre Creations, Valve, Harmonix and Media Molecule. The book also charts each individual and group’s particular approaches to game design and development. The glossily printed concept and finished artwork, detailing the progression of ideas from sketches to final in-game content really is a thing of beauty. For anybody keen to know more about how these great games designers work, it’s a must. It also looks lovely on the coffee table – or next to the bog, should you not be posh enough to own a coffee table. Inside Game Design is published by Laurence King and will be available in October. We’ll be sure to remind you closer to the time, so that you can grab yourself a copy or pop it on your Christmas list.”

Christoph Mark in The Daily Yomiuri review was also very kind

“…Though shoot-‘em-up games still dominate much of the market, the leaders of the video game industry are proving to be more than the pasty-faced geeks one might imagine behind the computers. They are instead people with a social consciousness, solid work ethic and a desire to improve their products and life in general…”


Business Week’s Matt Vella even goes as far to describe it as a “brilliant romp” in his review, which is one of the best compliments I’ve ever had about anything. Matt does however, continue the wide-spread habit of mis-spelling at least one of my names.


Amazon Canada gave me my very first ever reader review…

even EDGE magazine were nice… 


Blimey reader, you should probably buy it.