Things people said about GameCity 6

I always forget to do this and end up with either a clutter of pinboard links, browser bookmarks or a .xls from Chris with *everything* in it…

Mostly this year, people have been amazingly kind and the response to the prize has been nothing short of astonishing. We’re a very lucky festival…



Media Responses:

IGN : Zelda Fanfest

Keza Macdonald with some terrifying footage

GamaSutra : Videogames step deeper into the Cultural Conciousness

“By straddling the blockbuster and indie divide, shifting focus away from mere product onto the process and wider meaning of games, GameCity shines a light on an aspect of video games often missed by so many other specialist game shows. To see the festival act as a catalyst in propelling the gaming medium forward in cultural terms is both fitting and testament to the firm, clear vision of the organizers that has weathered the storm of changing fashions around it.”

Guardian : Six Highlights of GameCity

“Surprising, transfixing, inclusive, joyful… I always run out of superlatives on the subject of GameCity, the Nottingham-based games festival that closed on Saturday.”

Kotaku : Fans build their own Zeldazine

SegaAddicts @ GameCIty 6

“When I arrived in the frankly lovely town of Nottingham, it was hard to get a grip on the festival as a whole. I had looked at the programme list and was honestly shocked by the amount of interesting stuff you could go see for free.”

Made  2 Game : More to GameCity than the GameCity Prize

“If the Prize comes to define GameCity it could lose that identity – and become defined by it, as, say, Sundance has started to be defined by what wins its awards.”

Eurogamer TV : What is GameCity?

Addict of Fiction

“Gamecity has been around for 6 years now, and yet they still seem to miss either accidentally or purposely what the majority of gamers want,”


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