Nights Season 2. Assassin’s in NS

We’re just about to fire off with the next season of our Monthly series of ‘videogame’ shows over at AntennaGameCityNights. When we started them last year we were hoping to have an easy-to-organise, lightweight hang-out once a month to share some interesting stuff and provide a safe-haven for geeks at least once a month late night in Nottingham. Hmmm.

They’ve been a lot of fun over the last year but haven’t been without their challenges, so we’ve been putting a lot of effort this last few weeks into tweaking the format (perhaps more, creating the format), and trying to make them better. This friday is the launch party of Season 2, where we’re going to talk a little about some of those ideas but not at the expense of some excellent entertainment.

Personally, I’m especially excited as this is going to be the first time we’ve had some performance art at the shows. The Megaphones are going to be bringing their Time Freeze Annual Biannual Convention, about which I know little but am looking forward to a lot.

Derek Williams of OneLifeLeft and Iconochromatic will be illuminating all with his Free Market Economy

Graham Goring, who delivered an amazing set at GameCity 5 is returning to deliver another –

Closing the night, Greig Stewart will be being a Theramin Hero once again. If you missed him at the festival, you really shouldn’t miss this. A rare opportunity to see a man control Super Mario Bros using an esoteric musical instrument.

I believe he’s also bringing this:

Nights is going to be different this year, and hopefully more interesting for it. Of which, more later.

Finally, some thoughts on Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood just up at NewStatesman.

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